Ligia Wright

Christmas in England: My Round Robin Letter for 2016

We are already at that time of the year when some Britons begin to write their Round Robin Letters, better known as "bragging letters", in which, thinking that others give a s**t about their lives, they write flaunting and exaggerated letters about what they have (and what they don’t have too). So, to be in synchronicity with it and being the pompous person that I am, here is mine, along with its real meaning, just clarifying that I really love my sister-in-law, that my son has no anger issues and I love my cousin very much and I do not hold any grudges from our childhood.... Seguir Leyendo...

How to be a Brit

My husband is not perfect, but he is perfect for me, yet I must confess that in specific circumstances he exasperates me and when this happens my usual reaction is to say "stop being so English!" Imagine the nonsense, it is as if he would ask me to be less Mexican, but let me explain.... Seguir Leyendo...

The art of casual conversation

A few weeks ago, I saw in full splendor another feature of the British that I had already noticed but I was having difficulty to pinpoint with precision: The art of the casual and totally irrelevant conversation, which, of course, is intrinsically linked to the great word "lovely". ... Seguir Leyendo...
Ligia Wright

Ligia Wright

Nacida en México, D.F. el 30 de diciembre de 1970. Licenciada en Derecho y con estudios de posgrado en Ciencias de la Familia, ambos por la Universidad Anáhuac. Trabajó en el sector bancario por 16 años con una exitosa trayectoria en el medio Fiduciario. Radicada ahora en Southampton Inglaterra, cambió de carrera y es Especialista en Social Media en la empresa Francesa Pébéo. Dedica su tiempo libre a sus dos amores: su familia y la fotografía.