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The WHO has declared the Covid-19 outbreak to be pandemic.

But how does this affect in your upcoming travel plans?


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Last update: 16th March 2020


Source: Ara

The boarders between Andorra and Spain remain closed as announced on Saturday 14 March 2020.



Source: Infobae

The Argentine government agreed as per 12 March 2020 to suspend for 30 days the arrival of flights from the following countries: All of Europe, South Korea, China, Iran, Japan and the United States.

In addition those who have arrived in the last two weeks from countries with high circulation of the coronavirus, whose non-compliance will be subject to criminal investigation, should in principle be isolated for 14 days.



Source: Australia Border Force

Foreigners who have been in South Korea will not be allowed in until 14 days after leaving South Korea. Australian citizens must self-isolate for 14 days after travelling to Schengen area.



Source: IATA

Passengers and crew members (who are not from schengen countries) who have been (besides China) in Italy, Iran and Korea (Rep.) in the past 14 days must have a medical certificate dated from a maximum of 4 days before their arrival in Austria. The medical certificate must confirm that the person is not affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19) and be in German or in English




Source: IATA

Residents of the Bahamas who have been in China (People’s Rep.), Iran, Italy or Korea (Rep.) will be subject to immediate quarantine for a maximum of 14 days.



Source: IATA

Passengers who were in the cruise ship ‘Diamond Princess’ are subject to a mandatory 14-day isolation at a quarantine facility upon arrival in Canada.

As per 14 March 2020, Canada stopped short of closing its borders but announced the closure of parliament for five weeks and said that incoming international flights would be redirected to a small number of airports for enhanced screening measures. Cruise ships with 500 people will be banned from docking in the country’s ports until 1 July.



Source: El Pais


14 days mandatory quarantine for people coming from Italy, Spain, France and China.



Source: Telesur

Colombian President Ivan Duque announced on Friday nigh, 13 March 2020 the closure of the border with Venezuela, starting Saturday 14 March 2020, with a way to fight the coronavirus pandemia.


Source: CNN 


Apart from Croatian nationals, all passengers and airline crew who have been in China’s Hubei Province, Germany’s Heinsberg County, Iran, Italy, or South Korea’s Daegu City and Cheongdo province in the past 14 days will be placed in quarantine for 14 days. Nationals will be required to self-isolate.




Source:CPH Post

At a press conference just now Saturday 14 March 2020, PM Mette Frederiksen revealed that, as of noon tomorrow Sunday 15 March 2020, Denmark will temporarily close its border until April 13. 

It means that anyone who is not Danish will be unable to enter Denmark – unless it is an exceptional emergency or connected to an official work capacity. Visiting family is not a good enough reason.

Goods, particularly food products, will still be able to enter Denmark and restrictions do not impact truckers delivering them. 

Danish Defence will be charged with guarding Denmark’s border and any foreigners without an officially-approved purpose attempting to enter Denmark will be denied at the border. 


The  YouTube video (in Danish) got over 110.000 views this saturday morning.


El Salvador

Source: El Universo

14 days mandatory quarantine for people coming from Italy, Spain, France and China.



Source: Deutsche Welle 

Germany is basically closing its boarders. Anyone who wants to enter Germany from Austria, France, Luxembourg, Denmark or Switzerland needs a “good reason” from Monday 16 March 2020 onwards. Commuters are excluded.




Source: El Pais

14 days mandatory quarantine for people coming from Italy, Spain, France and China.


Hong Kong


Source: Chief Executive of Hong Kong

Border closures / tightening with mainland China.



Source: India Press Bureau

Effective 13 March 12020 closed its borders to all international tourists. Also tightened/closed their border with neighboring countries.India also mandated 14-day quarantine for citizens returning from seven countries: China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, France and Germany.



Source: Jakarta Globe


New visitors who have travelled to Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia–Romagna, Marche or Piedmont within the past 14 days will be denied entry unless they can produce documents from Italian authorities certifying their health status.



Source: Israel Ministery of Health

On 9 March 2020, Israel instituted a blanket 14-day quarantine to everyone who comes to Israel from abroad.



Source: Prime Minister’s Office of Malaysia

New visitors who have travelled to Lombardy, Veneto or Emilia-Romagna within the past 14 days will be denied entry to Malaysia.



Passengers and airline crew who have been in China (People’s Rep.), Iran, Italy or in North Gyeongsang and South Gyeongsang Provinces in Korea (Rep.) in the past 14 days are not allowed to enter the Maldives.



Source: SCMP

The government has cancelled all tourist visas and climbing permits for the 2020 season as coronavirus continues to spread.


New Zealand


New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced new restrictions requiring travellers to be quarantined for 14 days upon entry into the country in an attempt to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The restrictions apply to all countries except for Pacific nations, and will come into effect at midnight on Sunday (10.00pm AEDT). It also includes any New Zealand citizens or residents returning to the country.


North Korea

Source: Reuters

Closed its borders to all international tourists. Chinese visitors make up the bulk of foreign tourists to North Korea. Also tightened/closed their border with mainland China and Russia.




Source: Norwegian Health Directorate 

Anyone traveling to Norway from outside the Nordic region must self-isolate for 14 days. The restrictions put in place 12 March 2020 are scheduled to last until 26 March 2020.



Source: El Pais

14 days mandatory quarantane for people coming from Italy, Spain, France and China.



Source: Daiji World

Entry ban for people from Italy, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Syria, Nepal, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, China, Philippines, Bangladesh, Lebanon and South Korea.



Source: CNN 


Russia has imposed “a high alert regime” in its capital Moscow, requiring Russians returning from China, South Korea, Iran, France, Germany, Italy and Spain to “self-isolate” for 14 days.
Tourist visas for Italians will be suspended from 13 March 2020 onwards, excluding business, humanitarian, service.




Saudi Arabia


Source: The Guardian 

The country suspended all international flights for two weeks, starting on Sunday15 March 2020 until further notice.




Source: Government of Singapore

New visitors with recent travel history to northern Italy (Aosta Valley, Piedmont, Liguria, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol) within the past 14 days will be denied entry to, or transit through, Singapore.




Source: CNN

Thailand has suspended its visa exemption policies for travelers from Hong Kong, South Korea and Italy, while visa on arrival has been stopped for 18 countries: Bulgaria, Bhutan, Cyprus, Ethiopia, Fiji, Georgia, India, Kazakhstan, Malta, Mexico, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu and China.
Under the new measures, travelers must apply for visas in advance and present a medical certificate proving they are free of coronavirus.




Source: CNN 

Passengers who have transited through or been in China, Iran, Iraq, Italy or South Korea in the past 14 days are not allowed to enter or transit through Turkey. Turkish nationals and residents are exempt.



Source:   Wall Street Journal

USA travel ban on 28 European countries comes into force!

President Trump suspends incoming travel from the 28 Schengen áreas in Europe (UK and Ireland now included), for 30 days, beginning at 23:59 ET on 13 March 2020.

The official proclamation states that this restriction applies only to foreign nationals traveling to the United States, if they have been to a country within the Schengen area in the past 14 days.

The ban does not apply to for example legal permanent residents and most immediate family members of U.S. citizens. Also, cargo and trading goods are not affected.



Source: Wikipedia

The country has implemented quarantine requirements for people who have been in many countries, including the United States, in the 14 days before entering Uzbekistan.


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